Celebrating Aragami 2 first anniversary and the future of Lince Works

Aragami 2 is celebrating its first anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s already been twelve months since players set off on an adventure in the Rashomon Valley, fighting the armies of Akatsuchi, wielding shadow powers, and sharing the journey with their friends.  

Many things have happened since then. Most of all, we’ve been listening to feedback from our players and fans. 

Our objective for Aragami 2 post-launch support was, first and foremost, to address the main issues that came up since launch – especially bug fixing and solving the multiplayer issues. We’re happy to say that we fixed these and many other problems reported during the latest months, and now the game is far more solid. 

Additionally, we also wanted to add new free features based on community feedback that we thought players would enjoy and improve the overall game experience. 

First is the addition of a photo mode, and an advanced customization system, which lets players personalize their character more freely.

Classic Mode was released in March and was a big challenge. We wanted to make a tribute to the original game and its thousands of fans. Give those new to the franchise a new way to play Aragami 2. The key for us was to increase the stealth elements while keeping the fast and agile gameplay that Aragami 2 had. We are pleased with the result, and the players seem happy too.

And finally, we brought new difficulty modes intended to adapt to the priorities of each player and improve the enemies AI. 

We want to do so much more with Aragami 2. Many ideas and features would be awesome to have in the game – and we appreciate all the feedback and ideas you’ve shared with us – but we feel it’s the time to move on and shift our focus towards brand-new adventures. Who knows, maybe all those ideas can be the pillars of the next iteration in the Aragami series? 🙂

It is too soon to share any information regarding new projects but be assured that we’ll do so when the time comes.

In the meantime, as we’re celebrating Aragami 2’s first anniversary, we’ve activated its most significant discount yet, and you can get it at 50% off on Steam right now and during the weekend as part of a Steam Daily Deal. You can also enjoy a 40% discount on PlayStation.

Also, we’re happy to share that an Aragami plushie is coming soon! We’ve worked with the amazing people at Makeship on the plush design, and the funding campaign will start on October 4th. You can now subscribe to its newsletter here.

As for Aragami 2 leaving Xbox Game Pass, change of plans! Aragami 2 will not exit the Xbox Game Pass library on September 15, and will remain available to members on Cloud, Console, and PC.

And finally, we can now confirm something many people have been asking for since launch. Aragami 2 will arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year! Hope this makes everyone happy, it’s been a big challenge!

That’s all for now! Make sure to follow us on social media channels so you’re up to date on what’s happening in the studio. Lots of exciting things coming!

Thank you very much for your continued support during this journey; we really hope that you stick with us in our next adventures.

Love from all the team at Lince Works ❤️


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