Difficulty Update

Hello everyone!

Aragami 2 now has difficulty modes! This update aims to adapt the experience to the player’s preferences, whether they want a more challenging approach or a more relaxed one. This new patch includes new Easy and Hard modes that add some tweaks to the gameplay and enemy behavior.

The difficulty of a mission can be selected on the Mission Board before starting it.

The Difficulty Update features the following:

  • Option to select a mission’s Difficulty on the Mission Board (EASY, NORMAL and HARD).
  • General tweaks (applied on all difficulties) of enemy parameters and behaviors.
  • The behavior of the aragami enemies has been revamped, and are now more present in the missions of the last third of the game, on NORMAL and HARD difficulties.
  • Max player level has been increased to 48.
  • A medal counter has been added to the Mission Board, as well as a rune reward for each type, if 25 medals are collected.

These are some of the parameters that change depending on the selected difficulty:

  • Time the enemies need to detect the player.
  • Distance at which the enemies detect some player actions (e.g. player killing an enemy).
  • Distance at which the enemies detect events in their environment (e.g. corpse on the ground).
  • Enemies’ aggressiveness in combat.
  • Player’s strength in combat (only in Easy).
  • Experience obtained at the end of a mission.
  • Player’s Ability cooldowns.
  • Player’s stamina regeneration rate.

If you encounter any problem with this update, please email our support team: support@linceworks.com

Below you can also find the complete patch notes of the Difficulty Update:


  • Difficulty Update is now available! The Difficulty Update adds Easy and Hard difficulty modes, available in all story missions selected in the Mission Board. Each difficulty setting applies general tweaks to enemies’ awareness, aggressiveness in combat, and reaction time.
  • Added Euskera localization to all PC platforms.
  • A medal counter has been added to the Mission Board, as well as a rune reward for each medal type if 25 medals are collected


  • The behavior of Lurker enemies has been redesigned and their placement rate has been increased in all modes besides EASY.
  • Fanatic Soldiers now wake up some time after being knocked out.
  • Elite Soldiers are now resistant to most throwing weapons.
  • In EASY mode, player Strength is increased.
  • The mission Experience reward is adjusted depending on the difficulty level selected.
  • Max player level has been increased to 48.

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This is the last update we’re bringing to Aragami 2, meaning that we’ll not be working on future content – just some bug fixing patches when needed. We’re so thankful for all the support and feedback – both positive and negative – you’ve been sharing with us during the post-launch period. We really hope that this final version of Aragami 2 satisfies both long-time fans and newcomers. 

So what now? You may wonder. Now we’re actively working on new and exciting projects. It’s still too soon to share more info, but we’ll do so when the time comes. Hence, we recommend that you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server so you’re up to date.

Thanks again for your support during this journey, we hope that you stick with us in our new projects. We cannot wait to show you what we’re working on!

See you next time! 🙂

The Lince Works team

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