Classic Mode & patch notes 1.0.29583.0

Hi everyone!

It’s been 6 months since the release of Aragami 2, and we’re so grateful for the support you’ve been giving us throughout this time. Community feedback is so important to us, and we’ve listened to you. 

Now, we’re so excited to show you the latest update arriving today to Aragami 2: the Classic Mode.

Classic Mode offers the chance to relieve Aragami’s original mechanics. The new mode is available now for owners of the game with this latest update. Players looking to dive into Aragami 2 for the first time can enjoy a 40% discount on Steam tomorrow, March 18th, for 48h.    

Inspired by the mechanics that fans loved from the first game, Classic Mode will challenge players to stick to the shadows and plan their moves with extra caution. These are the main features that you’ll find in the Classic Mode:

  • Free leaps to shadows around you.
  • Stamina levels are limited and recharge slower in bright areas.
  • Direct combat is now extremely challenging and will more likely be deadly.
  • Switch between normal and classic mode before starting missions.
  • Classic mode is available both for single-player and multiplayer.

See the Classic Mode overview here:


Apart from that, we also added some new fixes to the game, including a fix for vegetation issues on AMD GPUs. Check the complete patch notes below:

Patch notes 1.0.29583.0

  • Classic Mode is now available! The Classic Mode, inspired by Aragami (2016), applies a series of changes to the base mobility of the hero to offer an alternative game experience. To learn more, start a mission in Classic Mode at the Mission Board.
  • Added Japanese localization to Steam and GOG.
  • Added a Tutorials section in the Status Menu.
  • Fix vegetation on some AMD video cards. Tall grass visibility issues are now solved for those with certain AMD GPUs.
  • In some situations you could lose the progression after visiting the dyes shop (PC).
  • Multiple minor fixes.
  • Performance improvements on multiplayer sessions.

Classic Mode is our biggest update yet, but we’re not done. We’re happy to announce that we’re working on another update coming Q2 2022: difficulty modes

Difficulty modes will most likely be our last content update for Aragami 2, as we move on to new unannounced projects. Even so,  we’ll continue to support Aragami 2 with fixes when necessary. 

We’ll share more details as soon as we can, hence, we recommend that you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server so you’re up to date.

Thanks again for your support and feedback. We hope you enjoy the Classic Mode, whether you’re a long-time fan of the Aragami series or a stealth enthusiast. 

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