Thank you from the Lince Works team!

Dear Aragami fans, 

The time has come! Aragami 2 is finally launched and we cannot believe that we are finally at this pivotal moment. It feels like the end of a long journey, but it isn’t quite over yet. Our journey continues as the team works to make the game better and address any of the community’s concerns.  And you? Your journey into Aragami 2 is just beginning and we hope you’re having a wonderful time. 

Even after the success of Aragami, the team couldn’t imagine we’d be launching a sequel that would incorporate all the features and ideas that didn’t come to exist in the first game. In fact, we didn’t even ask ourselves what we’d do after releasing the first game. But yet here we are, we made it! We’ve worked really hard during the last three years to bring you a new story in the Aragami world that we hope you’ll enjoy. 

It wasn’t all smooth or easy, as we faced many challenges over the course of development including a global pandemic. We’re still a small, passionate group of people making games that we love and, at the same time, we are inexperienced in so many aspects. 

We had an ambitious vision and things were tough, but our clan did not give up on the hard work despite the hardships of the journey. We’ve learned so much along the way, are very proud of the game we built, and now it’s in your hands!  

We look forward to seeing you share your experience with Aragami 2 with friends and loved ones, messing around doing ninja stuff together. Or just enjoying a more meticulous and sneaky playthrough on your own. Whatavere playstyle is yours, we hope that you have fun.

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout this journey!

Our greatest thanks,

The Lince Works Team



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