Character Customization in Aragami 2

Hello all!

We’d like to share a closer look at the wide-range of personalization features available in Aragami 2.

Character customization was one of the most beloved features in Aragami. We were overwhelmed by the impressive amount of players sharing their walkthroughs and also seeing them establishing their own identity combining different character skins and dyes.

In this sequel we are taking character customization to the next level, giving players much more freedom.

In Aragami 2, there are 11 different armor sets, made of 4 different parts – head, chest, pants and weapon. The armor sets do not grant you any mechanical advantages so you can dress your Aragami the way you want without having to compromise your stats or playstyle. 

Combine each part of armor as you like, creating your own armor set. And not only that… Dye each one of them with a wide variety of colours. Express yourself and create your unique Aragami! Whether you choose a dusky style or a bright array of color… But maybe that’s not too stealthy…

Your Aragami can also be equipped with stone Runes – a magic source of special powers – which will grant you an extra edge in battle or when going stealth. You can buy them from Sakura, the blacksmith, after you have unlocked the blueprint for each one of them, and you can equip one rune per piece os armor. 

Try as many combinations as you want, because ending the Akatsuchi invasion is not at odds with doing it with style!

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