New Aragami 2 Story Trailer

The time has come. The time of the Kurotsuba clan!

Hi everyone!

In this brand new story trailer of Aragami 2, we introduce the main protagonist, Kurai, as he rises to become the last hope of the Kurotsuba clan, and pull players into the intense conflict that sets the stage for this ambitious sequel. 

Kurai is reborn to fight the Akatsuchi Empire in their conquest of the Rashomon Valley, and to free their people and find a cure for their curse. The new video is ripe with gameplay footage but also includes looks at Aragami 2’s cut-scenes, which were a staple established in the original game. It’s the perfect appetizer to prepare all the aspiring assassins for the main course in September!

Aragami 2 takes the community and critically-acclaimed experience of the first title to new levels. Stealth is the foundation of the Aragami experience and, with the addition of a new combat system built from the ground up, players are no longer helpless when they’re discovered. Inspired by some of the best action games around, Aragami 2 employs skill-based combat where players must strategically engage their assailants. Aragami are brilliant assassins who are as powerful as gods when stalking from the shadows but, when face to face with enemies, they are vulnerable. Knowing when to strike, defend, or dodge will be key and the most recent Aragami 2 developer walkthrough gives gamers a look at all of this in action.

Aragami 2 will launch on September 17th, 2021 on PC, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Game Pass.

We’re just over a month to launch but we still have some news to share with you until then so stay tuned!

Lince Works Team

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